Are you cool or awesome or perhaps even coolsome enough to play Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People?

User Rating: 8 | Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People PS3
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, or better known as SBCG4AP is an episodic game based on the world of Homestarrunner, or more specifically, Strong Bad, the most awesomest email answeringest luchadore miscreant this side of the Rio Grande.

The game's success vastly depends on your level of familiarity with the web comic the game is based on and the peculiar offbeat humor that is exuded from the Chapman Bro's characters. Basically, if Strong Bad, Mad, Sad, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, the Cheat, Trogdor and others are familiar to you, this game offers plenty of point and click gameplay with mild puzzle solving and an old school 8 bit or earlier style game that can be accessed from Strong Bad's room (Cheat codes can be found during the course of the game and can be used in game, which actually makes getting the PSN trophies from those games much easier). If you like abusing Strong Bad's brothers and well pretty much everyone in town, snidely responding to ludicrous emails, lighting things on fire, kicking the Cheat, creating your own Teen Girl Squad episodes, then you will fit right in.

If you don't... the gameplay is essentially a point and click adventure with tons of esoteric easter eggs that would only occur to a true fan or someone with blind luck or dedication of clicking on random things. Basically you move Strong Bad around grab items and interact them with other objects/characters. Sometimes accessing certain interaction points requires careful positioning, or if you are not stupid like me, can be cycled through by pressing on the L1 or R1 buttons and all points of interest highlighted with the R2 button.

The game can be saved at any point and loaded as well. Without a strategy guide, each episode could take you a number of hours, with a strategy guide knowing exactly where to go, getting 100% completion and all trophies would take no more than one hour.

The graphics are not technological breakthroughs, but are perfect renditions of the flash animations done in 2.5D. Basically, look at the Strong Bad emails, then you get an idea of what you're getting graphically. Don't expect Crysis or anything. The sound is slightly higher quality than the webisodes, however the same voice actors (Actually there are only two Matt Chapman who plays all the other characters except for Marzipan voiced by Missy Palmer). So expect a quality soundtrack and voice work.

Basically it is an acceptable point and click adventure with some excellent fan service and plenty of trophies to pad your stats for a good value of 14.99$ for 5 full episodes.

Those who aren't fans of Strong Bad may not find it as appealing as fans, and those who are curious, I suggest checking out to familiarize yourself with the game world. To those that are fans of the series, enlist in the Homestarmy and help Lord High Awesomeness Strong Bad commit acts of awesomeness and coolitude.