A fun game for just about anyone, especially for fans of games like Monkey Island.

User Rating: 8 | Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner PS3
I've noticed that a lot of people are on the fence about buying this game, and so I'd like to put forth my input to anyone who is considering getting this. I had a little bit of an advantage here because I played the demo of this game on my laptop about a year ago, and loved every minute of it. Now I wouldn't call myself a huge Homestar Runner fan...I like Teen Girl Squad and Strong Bad is funny at times, but when it comes to this game, it doesn't really matter. This is a game that just about anyone can play and have a few laughs with. I would even recommend this to younger audiences since the closest thing to bad language you'll hear is the word "crap." So yes, I do think that anyone interested in this game should get it, as I'll explain below.

GAMEPLAY - To anyone who's played games like Monkey Island or the more recent Sam and Max game, you're getting the exact same experience here. To those who haven't, the gameplay is really quite simple. You play as Strong Bad in 5 different adventures all unique from each other, but all possessing the same characters and stuff. Basically you walk around a bunch of different areas, interacting with people, and solving puzzles so that you can progress the story. Of course, this wouldn't be fun without humor, and this game is filled with it throughout. The humor is very similar to what you'll find with Homestar Runner cartoons, so if you're a fan of those, you should be a fan of this as well. I've only played the first couple adventures so far, but considering you get 5 for $15, it's well worth the price you pay. - 8/10

STORY - The stories vary by each chapter, and are all very different. Again, I've only played the first couple of chapters, but I haven't been disappointed at all. I won't spoil much, but I'll give you a brief overview of the first part so you have something to go off of. Basically you, as Strong Bad, decide that you're going to go beat up Homestar one day, and then find out that he's the front runner to win a big race that's going on, his girlfriend is throwing a big party for him that you're not invited to, and basically everything is going his way. As a result, Strong Bad decides to go out of his way to try and ruin Homestar's social life. It ends up backfiring on him eventually, because Homestar becomes a social pariah that won't leave Strong Bad's house. It goes on from there, but that gives you a basic idea of what you'll be dealing with. It's very humorous and entertaining all the way through, and it's a lot of fun to watch whether you're playing or looking over your friend's shoulder. - 8.5/10

GRAPHICS - The graphics are nearly identical to the Homestar cartoon, so if you like the flash animation style, you shouldn't have any problems here. - 8.5/10

SOUND - Not much in the way of music here, but the voice acting and sound effects are as great as you'd expect. - 9/10

LENGTH/REPLAY VALUE - Although you get 5 different adventures here, it's hard to give a good score in this category since these games tend to not be played again for a long time after they're beaten since they play the same way every time. Still...you have 5 adventures that probably last around 2 hours each if you're breezing right through them, so it's definitely worth the money, in my opinion. Just don't expect them to be all that replayable. - 6.5/10

BOTTOM LINE - Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is one that can be enjoyed by all, even if you're not the one controlling Strong Bad himself. This is strictly a casual puzzle game with tons of humor thrown in. Again, this is a perfect game if you're a fan of Monkey Island. So if you want some entertaining and enjoyable games at $3 each, this is totally worth you're money. Hardcore gamers may not enjoy these as much, but at the very least they're good for a few laughs. - 8/10