SBCGFAP Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 is short and a bit easy, making it a bit of a letdown.

User Rating: 7 | Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 4: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective WII
Well, I'm reviewing yet another Strong Bad game. So far, I think the second episode SO FAR was my favorite. I thought it was very funny. The second episode also had a story, unlike the first and third episode, which in those, they were putting together some puzzles and tacking on a story. This episode is based on a story again.

This time, the story is about how you and the people in the H*R universe created a movie, and you are at the TV watching it. For this episode, you actually play out the movie, and act out all the scenes. The story is always moving forward, and there some twists at the end, which is great.

The locations that you go to are propped up locations of areas that you saw in previous episodes. Even though they did a poor job, come on, it's an amateur movie, and I do have to say, they did better than your average amateur movie. I also liked the way they pulled off stunts. It was very funny.

There are lots of places to go to, and in context to other Strong Bad games, it's CRAZY! It almost fills up the entire map screen. You might get confused with places to go.

The only problem that I had with this game is the difficulty. You might think I'm complaining about the game being too hard, like the previous one. Well, you will be wrong. This episode is the easiest Strong Bad game that I played so far. The puzzles were very simplistic, however they did add in some more complex puzzles once in a while.

Just like every previous Strong Bad episode, there is extended content. The extended scenes play like extras, like those extras in DVDs. You go back to movie locations and act out the deleted scenes from the movie.


Let me make this clear, I did enjoy this episode. It was very funny and had some good parts in it. However, it's shortness and difficulty hindered some of my fun. If you haven't played a Strong Bad game before, start with the first episode, then keep buying them. I will warn you, if you are a big fan of adventure games, you will FLY thru this episode. However, the game is still very funny, and it deserves to be bought.

Final Score:
7- Good

Stay tuned for my review for the 5th, and final episode!