The second episode in the series, Strong Bad returns for more self-proclaimed awesomeness.

User Rating: 8 | Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free WII
In the second episode of SBCG4AP, Strong Bad returns with a new, ambitious goal; to take over all of the other nations in order to strike back at the King of Town (referred to as the 'of town' after declaring his independence) for the unfair e-mail tax...

The Good:
The game was more humorous than the first, and certainly had more fun stuff to do in it. A new, ye olde school game to play was good as well. A lot of new, fun content made it certainly more enjoyable than the first, enough so that even those who haven't viewed the online series might be able to enjoy some moments.

The Bad:
This game was as short, if not shorter, than the first episode. The final challenge in it was entertaining, but waaaaay too easy. And finally, the achievements in this game could be very easily missed, as they require you to use items that are used during the storyline that you can never get back again. I wouldn't care if you held onto those objects for a long time at all.

Overall, about as enjoyable as the first, though I did find myself getting a better laugh out of it.