Take all the humor of the last episode, mix it in with a better more solid story, a touch of political humor, and bam!

User Rating: 8.5 | Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free WII
The King of Towns gone mad with power! Him and his Poopsmith dressed like a combine guard from Half-Life break into Strongbad's house waving around a new tax on checking emails! Placing Strongbad under house arrest until you can pay the absurd tax, you eventually break out and declare a revolution! Problem is with Free Country USA, everyone declares a revolution! Everybody starts claiming their own land as an independent country, which places a lot of land between Strongbadia and the King of Town's castle before you can get revenge on that power mad politician.

This overall sets up a much more solid, funnier story than the last game.

(Graphics is cut because it's the same basic style and look as the last game)

With this new story comes a lot of changes to the gameplay. You'll still generally walk around talking to people, solving problems and puzzles, but that's just saying what a point and click is about. The plot is now a lot more strait forward, giving you no troubles finding out what you have to do, and the world is heavily effected by the story, right down to the risk style gameboard that replaces your map. With the objective a lot more clear, it overall feels a lot more fun to play, and the humor is a lot less all over the place.

Sound has also had a nice improvement in the music at least. Each country has it's own background music, and who could hate Club Technochocolate? Overall though, same basic stuff as last game, lots of voice work, great stuff, yada yada.

Who wants this game?
This game feels a more accessible than last game to your average person. The plot truly drove the humor this time, and had a lot less to do with inside jokes. Not to say there wasn't a load of inside jokes. Really just check out homestarrunner.com and if you like them, you'll love this game.