Winning space battles ain't easy son. Challenging, slick, strategic arcade space shooter.

User Rating: 8 | Strike Suit Zero PC
I put an average of 45-60min playtime per level of the 13 campaign levels. By the fourth or fifth level and the third session, I was fairly proficient at shooting, flying, using strike mode. The remaining levels were no cakewalk... or cakefly. Heh. Each level is segmented into 2-4 checkpoints. Especially towards the end, I found myself playing through the same segments 3 or 4 times, taking up to 10 minutes each failure (occasionally I'd be playing for optional objectives to achieve ). I think where I differ to other reviewers, is that I didn't consider this a waste. I felt myself getting better and better handling the craft, understanding its weapon systems and developing strategy. Where you hit and in what order you hit makes all the difference.

The visuals are always good but sometimes beautiful. The story and voice acting is passable for an arcade game but isn't all that interesting. I also don't appreciate how they 'otherise' the opposition to such an extent. Sure my character might be fooled but I'm not. If there's a right side, I don't at all believe I'm fighting for it. The end should have given you an option to attempt diplomacy with the Colonists.

That doesn't matter though because it's all about huge battle after huge battle, where your kickass skills and superior ship make all the difference.

My only major issue with the game came in the 10th or 11th level when I was insta-killed after leaving the battle area. There are moments after you've reached a certain cutscene where there are no explicit targets, only large enemy cruisers. A tiny notice in the middle of the screen warns me I'm out of bounds. During the lull after intense battles you drop your guard. Sometimes I was directly in between my ships and the enemy ships, heading towards them. So where is the battle area? Oh yeah, arbitrarily defined by the game designer at any moment during the game. The warning needs to fill up a large proportion of the screen and flash red.

I'd recommend it but expect it to be difficult.