Strike Suit Infinity Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Max out all reinforcement options ADMIRAL
    Destroy a cruiser BATTLESHIP DOWN
    Destroy 7 enemies with the Strike Suits circus missiles in one barrage! CIRCUS TRICKS
    Max out pilot upgrades ELITE PILOTS
    Max out all fighter craft for a round FLIGHT LEADER
    Destroy a frigate FRAG A FRIGATE
    Achieve a multiplier of x9 GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY
    Fly alone for 4 rounds GOING SOLO
    Don't let any capital ships escape for 10 rounds GOING SOMEWHERE?
    Unlock every single weapon, missile and player upgrade INFINITE ARSENAL
    Destroy a carrier KILL A WHALE
    Have 50,000 or more reinforcement credits in the bank MONOPOLY
    Complete an entire round without shooting PACIFIST
    Don't let any shuttles escape for 5 rounds PRIVATEER
    Destroy a shuttle SHUTTLE CROCK
    Complete 3 rounds in a row without switching into Strike mode SUIT FREE ZONE

    Contributed by: Guard Master