This game looks really good.

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I'm pretty excited for this Strider. Strider 2 for the Playstation 1 was amazing, eventhough it was short. To be honest, this looks even better than the last entries in the series. They took Strider and added Metroid/Castlevania to it for a deeper experience. In the past, Strider was only about blasting through enemies at blazing speeds, but now it is about that AND exploration. If this game doesn't look good to you, you need glasses. Mark my words, this game is going to be one of the best downloadables next to the Flashback remake.

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@look-e-loo: Do you find it odd that C. Petit used your clever and poignant references to Castlvania and Metriod without giving you credit? I very much do. And, yes this game looks sooooo good! It is a back to basics revamp with some nice bells and whistles from the look of it. Very excited and envigorated to see this being done! Anyways, good day. =)