Great game, but way to short!

User Rating: 7 | Strider Hiryu 1&2 PS
I remember renting this game a very long time ago, and forgetting to return it... So i finally dug it up from my collection the other day and began playing it. Although.. It seemed as soon as i started, the game was already over. This game is extremely short, maybe 10 minutes per play through. But that doesn't stop it from being a great game! It definitely improves on the original, but it still doesn't have that level of difficulty that the original had. The graphics are of course better, going from 2D to 3D. The game play can get repetitive very quickly, but some of the effects are still pretty nice. For example, the final boss battle was pretty nice. Although, something that annoyed me a bit was the voice acting was in Japanese. Its definitely worth playing just to get the SSS rank, so if your looking for a good time waster, be sure to check out Strider 2!