Better than the first game, but still isn't up to snuff.

User Rating: 4.1 | Strider Hiryu 1&2 PS
Lets face it, the first strider game was pure garbage. Anyone can tell you that. Strider 2 for the genesis was even worse. Then we get Strider 3 in the form of "2". Eh...lets get this started.

Story: 1/10

Even more so than the first game, the story is EXACTLY THE SAME! You are strider who goes on a quest to kill meio, the grandmaster (of what martial art now?). Thats pretty much IT. im tired of having to look in official capcom books to get the full gist of the story or pathetic mangas they would never consider canon. Either capcom implements the full story in the games or dont make one at all (and with their horrible skills, option b would be the best choice). Gameplay: 6/10

It's a step above the original, no doubt about that, but the game lacks so much variety in gameplay modes and what not it's not even funny. You just go through levels pressing attack to simply kill enemies. Most enemies dont go into hit animations meaning you have to stop attacking, back up, and go in and attack again. The hit and run tactic ruins the immersion of being a bad ass ninja, and the fact that half the enemies AND bosses in the game operate exactly the same, you will get a lot of repetitive moments as the same tactics must be applied for every enemy and boss. Speaking of variety, all this game offers is just you slashing through enemies (by hit/run or one hit kills) and you can use beam sword attacks that barely scratch the enemies as the attacks homing in are so weak it's even funny. Sure you can play as hien (some random ninja they decided to make) but with SAME EXACT GAMEPLAY who would bother? Strider 2 doesn't so much fail in areas where it really should've improved, but it also tries to hard to look cool and in the same footing have awkward controls when jumping, clinging to walls almost randomly screwing you up during a battle or such, etc. This game is pretty much hyped up as the best sequel to the strider series. I hardly see any improvements beyond the 3 and combat (which is pathetic at best) So no I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who's looking for something that will last them a long time or anyong looking for immersive combat.