Not as good as the original, but still fun albeit a bit short.

User Rating: 6.8 | Strider Hiryu 1&2 PS
The story line is hackneyed and pasted together with crazy glue and spinkles. The Action is linear and 2D when it could've been so much more. In the end, Capcom really dropped the ball with this one. It's fun, but too short, too easy, and too 2D. Capcom, we're on the PS One now (Well, PS2 and soon the PS3), you can move away from the 2D. Honestly, this game could've been so much more.

The story features Hiryu and some guy named Hein. Both play in a similar fashion and both missions are relatively the same length. Hiryu must stop a hell-bent dictator from taking over the world. Well, it's not as if that premise hasn't been done to death.

Graphics look arcade-ish. and the gameplay is intuitive. The game also comes with the original Strider (the port for the Sega Genesis) included in the game. It's boring. Nuff said.

Rent it, or forget about it. This game is forgettable and only a modicum of fun.