streets of rage,have no fear!adam,axel & blaze are here!...(god,what am i sayin'?)

User Rating: 7 | Bare Knuckle: Ikari no Tekken GEN
sega genesis was had a rich section of beat 'em ups but they were always behind the super nintendo.they'ver struggled as much as they could but,still they were no.2 in the 16-bit era...
this is a good start of probably the best beat'em up series for the the first look,you can compare it with double has a simple gameplay-all you do is punch,kick,jump n kick,pick weapons to beat the enemies.4 moves.that's all.through out the game,you will have back-up-in the middle of the fight,from behind a police car will arrive & fire 1 shoot with the bazooka towards the enemies creating a circle of fire that in all of the cases it kills all the enemies.of course,it doesn't arrive when you're fighting with bosses or bigger punks,just when you fight regular has 8 the end of the game you will fight a big guy in an elegant costume.
in the game you smash boxes & stuff to reveal weapons or food that gives you health.the best part of the game is when you have a pipe in your one will ever touch you when you "master" it.smash their faces to calm down this rage.the music at the first level is the best-techno style,good to dance rest it's barely notable.i think that i've exhausted my words for this game-there's not much to say.
overall,it's a fun game to play for a couple of hours...neeext!!!