the best beat 'em-up of ever!

User Rating: 8.5 | Bare Knuckle II: Shitou no Chinkon Uta GEN
badder & better than the first one,streets of rage 2 is very enjoyable.8 levels to have great's one of those games that you can play 'till you die without getting bored at all.pure fun.beat 'em up...almost at it's best.
axel & blaze join the party again along with max & skate.adam is gone...the city is corupt,full of hooligans,punks,bad guys-the city must be have 8 levels to do that.non-stop action.the gameplay is expanded-now you have special moves,special moves that cost you must use them wisely.through-out the game you pick up apples that give you little health & turkey for max also pick-up weapons to beat the enemies.get the pipe & they'll won't touch you.the back-up from the first game is gone,no more police to fire rocket launchers or whatever.the best player i think it's blaze.she is complete.very usefull moves & techniques unlike max which is big & slow.his moves are not so eficient either.skate is kinda weak despite the fact he is on skates & doing break dance moves.axel is great but blaze rules.whn she does the flip it's epic win,or when she fires the blaze & doing other moves.the gameplay of this sequel is 5 times improved.
the music is awesome.technom,dance,electro all the way in 90's style,old-school.the graphics are familiar with tmnt 4 from snes:)
there are 4 dificulties-easy,medium,hard & hardest!there is also a duel model for 2 player.the 2 player mode for the game,the levels is not missing creating you a safe feeling.even if the other player sucks,you still can't loose.
the final boss is again a big guy in an elegant costume,firing a machinegun.he's no worthy of beeing called the leader of the game-he's so lame.even some of the sub-bosses that you meet at the middle of the levels,are harder than this final guy.
one of the best beat 'em-ups ever-it will never be forgotten because it's never frustrating & that's the most important fact!it's one of those games that best represents the spirit of the 90's!