Streets of Rage 2 improves on the original in everyway possible.

User Rating: 9.5 | Bare Knuckle II: Shitou no Chinkon Uta GEN
Streets of Rage was the Genesis answer to Double Dragon and Final Fight for them.


A year after Mr X and is henchman had been defeated he came back with stronger forces and this time he kidnapped Adam a playable character from the first game. So he could lead Axel and Blaze into a trap where they were joined by Skate Adams younger brother and Axels friend Max a wrestler.


The game plays alot differently to the first with each character having their own special moves like Blazes fireball and Axels uppercut these take over from the police cars which is a better because you can use it alot. The game has 8 chapters with a few levels in each and at the end you face a boss. The enemy characters also have life bars as well too.


The character and design look improved from the first game and it shows because the first does look a bit out of date but this looks alot better looking than the first game.

Overall Opinion

A big improvement of the first game and one of the SEGA Genesis best games.

Overall Score 9.4