Bored now.

User Rating: 7 | Street Fighter X Tekken X360
Let me start off by saying the following, this is not a bad game. It is a good game. Arguably, depending on your views on characters and system tweaks, the best of the recent bunch of Street Fighter games. Personally, while I prefer the super system in this game compared to the super/ultra system of the Street Fighter 4 games, I am not a fan of the gems system and think this is just too much faffing about. This is a minor point however. My main gripe is that after decades I'm getting sick of being ripped off by Capcom for the same game over and over again. There was a time that it was necessary for Capcom to keep bringing the games out. There was no online updating, if they wanted to give you new characters or a tweaked system, the only way to do that was through a new release. However that time has long since passed. Gone are the days of several iterations of the same game being necessary. I would probably be more enamoured with this game if I hadn't played SF4 and it's tweaked counterparts. But it feels like I am playing the same game, again, with a few rather inconsequential tweaks (to the core gameplay) and new characters to satisfy a fanboy's wet dream match ups. It runs on the same engine as SF4, and like SSF4 and Arcade Edition before it (which, granted, WAS available as a download update) could have just been available as DLC. I don't think releasing these games as separate with separate sets of achievements is value for money and I thank god I rented instead of bought or I'd be pretty miffed. I'm also sick of crossovers involving tag fighting. I just want to see Akuma and Heihachi go at it one on one please. Oh and then they've changed the tried and tested formula of incapacitating both opponents now, so instead as soon as one goes down the match is done. I'd still be a massive Street Fighter fan if I was getting decent time between vastly different games (eg SF2, SFA, SF3, MvC, SF4 would have been a nice spread), but I'm getting tired of it now.rnrnSincerely, a hacked a off Street Fighter fan.