I swear if it weren't for these new pair of hands, they would already be broken...

User Rating: 10 | Street Fighter X Tekken PS3
I mean it's just amazing, first of, for me, since street fighter 4 the game was simply awesome, and since Tekken 5, another huge thing, but most of gamers I know don't. Like the game 'cause the move set is a street fighter style, but still, blasting combos, blazing way of a gameplay. But the game also has its bads, they cut out most of tekke's best players, still if you have experience playing modern day street fighter, you'll get used to it quickly, the arcade mode sets out to a journey between 2 players in a tag style gameplay, were you can tag in and tag out, you can choose an official tag team, or just build a team of your own, piling up your srtongest players. They added a customize menu but not add items to your character, only change the color, it's full of free downloadable content. Not forgetting the quick combo set and the gem unit. You use the quick combo set to by pressing R3 or L3 the player within a time limit, executes a combo by it's own, and the gem unit, it's to guive extra abilities by doing a required stunt, like you can enhance attack, speed, defense, gauge, or even raise the life bar.
And the other thing added to the game, is the pandora state, puts you in revenge mode in a set of time, but if the time bar ends it's game over, so make a quick victory strategy. And the game brings back a old friend of Tekken, the Ogre. Likely you sickle trough the universe in the arcade mode, that's all I got for review, I hope it was sharp..