The worlds of Street Fighter and Tekken collide

User Rating: 9 | Street Fighter X Tekken PS3
The fighting game genre has seen its fair share of crossovers Marvel vs Capcom, Tatsunoko vs Capcom and also DC vs MK so do the worlds of Tekken and Street Fighter work well together.


As in like Street Fighter 4 there are basically loads of modes like Vs Mode,Arcade Mode,Training,Challenge Mode and of course the online mode. Challenge mode has Character Trials and mission mode as well. Also it's worth noting that in Arcade mode you have to complete the mode using the perferred character partnerships like Ryu and Ken,Nina and Kazuya. So say if you play through it as Ryu and Chun Li it won't really be much of an ending plus no Rival Battles.

Online is up and down here. Unlike say Street Fighter 4 where you can choose on a Ranked match of who you'd like to face it is a random choice. Endless Mode is win until someone beats you.Scramble Mode is 4 characters in 1 big brawl and is massively flawed because if you don't have a partner and the other does the AI will control that character and to be honest the AI is awful in this game. I mean on Arcade Mode you can breeze through the game in no sweat. It does have replays and such but nothing we haven't seen before. Also a big mention is at the moment there is hardly any Sound Effects when playing online.


The game basically follows the Street Fighter 4 engine in terms of how it flows. Street Fighter X Tekken adds things called Gems. One that gives you speed,more power and many more various types of advantages but you can only access them by doing a certain thing like landing a huge combo or blocking enough times. It is a 2 v 2 but only 1 character of each team is on the screen at the same time but you can swap at anytime during the march.

There are other things like unlike say Street Fighter 4 if you hold down the the motion for say a fireball for long enough it will turn in to an EX Fireball. Also it has its own variation of the Ultra called the Super Art which when a players meter is full it can deal some devastating pain. Also when the meter is full if you want to the 2 characters can link there Super Moves in one attack or even double up on the opponent. Also you can launch a character into the air and your partner can follow up.

So are there any flaws yes it lacks stages and also some of the Gems can give you to much of an advantage in matches. Also there is a customization option that lacks customization.


It has the Street Fighter 4 art style and the backgrounds are pretty nice but the lack of stages is a big disappointing and some of the characters voices can get a little annoying.


There's online as well as mission mode and character trials so it should keep you occupied for a while.

Overall Opinion

Street Fighter X Tekken is a good game to play with friends but its online suffers lot with the matchmaking. The Arcade is to easy to beat but then there's Mission Mode and Character. It's a good brawler but far from the best.

Overall Score 8.8