Street Fighter x Tekken is a fun game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Street Fighter X Tekken PS3
First off I would like to point out the positive, the graphics in this game are impressive, Yes it looks alot like Street Fighter 4 but it fits the tekken fighters just right. I'm more of a street fighter player and i like how they have added special moves and super combos for the Tekken characters. The Trials and mission mode is enjoyable.

And now for the bad, For a good game like this one there are some problems. Some of the characters have to be downloaded through DLC, on-line mode is choppy, but that's beside the point. My personal complaint of this game is the lack of colors for characters and there's no gallery mode. I would have given this game a very high score but because the release of this game got off on a bad start it loses some points.

However, if you love Street Fighter 4, then you will like this game. That's all i'm saying.