This game is a disaster .. utterly dissappointing ... !!!!!!!

User Rating: 2 | Street Fighter X Tekken X360
I have been playing street fighter and tekken for the last 19 years . This game is a complete disaster , a useless addition to the lineup. people who rated this as a good game are idiots ... i hated it from the moment i first saw the game and hate it to date.. Poor graphics, useless story, stupid rivalries, crappy moves , **** gameplay, and disastrous fighting system ... Characters from Tekken look so lame firing fireballs, and the characters from street fighter are provided with very simple super combos and this makes the gameplay pretty easy. for a moment i thought that the game was made for children and got so turned off that i stopped playing. the music is all about street fighter and doesn't sound good at all. In short the game is a total let down in my opinion.. and all the old school players will agree with me on this ... Fuk this Game ..

DON'T BUY THIS............ (Sincere Advice)