Cheap Tactics Anyone?

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I got tired of losing 75% of my health from huge combos that started from jabs, especially when people turtle. If anyone else is having problems with this, I've got a couple of tips to get around Abuse Overheads: Most people who play this game spend the majority of the match, in a crouched blocking position and abuse anti airs when you try jumping, and spam jabs when you get near. Good way to abuse that is to use those mid ranged moves that hit them while they are crouched. Hit them with enough of those and you'll have em trained to block high when you are near and you can use those lovely combos that start off with a low mid kick Grab: Grabs have been buffed for this game. They do way more damage than in the Street fighter four series Onslaught: One of the best gems in the game, I've one many matches simply because I had enough meter (thanks to onslaught) to pull off a tag combo or even cross over/ cross cancel combos Easy/Super Easy Input Turtling: I use Ken masters and Kazuya as my main team. Ken with easy input makes life diffucult for people because anytime they jump I hit them with two shoryuken's and when they are grounded I use hadokens. Then those people who usually spend the whole match in spot spot jab jab jabbing away start chasing me, and I am the one controlling the match, and I win with a time out ;) Hopefully these help people out online. If you're having trouble adapting to the new fightiing system, I hope these help you get around it ;)