What's exists is good, but what exists is little

User Rating: 7 | Street Fighter V PC

The core game is good and if all you care about is MP, you'll enjoy it.

If you basically care about anything else, good luck, because almost nothing exists.

They patched in a story-mode, which is fun. If dumb. But that was well after release. Arcade mode is non existent. Doesn't even have proper tutorials.

Likewise, even if you but the Digital Deluxe Edition (two season passes) you're still going to be locked out of staged on your main screen (just as a big up yours) and costumes.

Basically it's one big grind.

Most people consider it's lunch a disaster it seems, it had bad word of mouth. Put me off picking it up (they wanted £44.99). What's bad, as mentioned is that the game itself is intrinsically good. Capcom through it's own greed shot itself in the foot and seems to have underestimated how much crap people will put up with.

Unless you're a hardcore MP player I wouldn't recommend this to anyone for full price. Even at a 50% Steam sale it's pushing it's luck.

So yea, enjoy MP? Great. Anything else outside of that? Avoid.