Watered down Street Fighter 4...

User Rating: 4 | Street Fighter V PS4

Really? Is this what they released? The story has a total of....4(one round) fights! Yes, that's what the "story" contains: 4 fights for each character! I have seen this at a friend and not knowing what to expect I took Ryu for the story to make sure I get as far as possible(considering the SF4 story/boss) and I finished in less than 1 min. I was like: what happen? It's over? Lol, is this Street Fighter 5? What a joke!

And the characters have even less moves now than SF 4, actually they have about as many moves now as they had in Street Fighter 2 the arcade game I played when I was a kid.

It's an incomplete game and they will probably try to sell more DLC later. Seriously how can gaming studios release something like that?