No combo list, hard to follow, tiny text, no combos. IF YOU NEVER PLAYED STREET FIGHTER, DO NOT GET THIS GAME.

User Rating: 6 | Street Fighter IV X360
just terrible. TERRIBLE! I borrowed this game off my friend to see what all the hype was about from Newgrounds and such, and i get nothing but a big slap in the face from the hand of modern gaming. Not user friendly at all. You literally have to devote your time to be even SLIGHTLY good at this game. The command list does you SH!T and if you play online, people do nothing but spam.

The visuals are sexy though, animations are well done. Almost all specials are amazingly awesome, and a lot of work was put into this game. The intro is also very badass. I always enjoy the music a lot.

Does not make up for gameplay at all though. Even if you have skill in this game, it does not look impressive at all. All it looks like is you jumping up and down, timing your spam attacks correctly, and HADOUKAN.


If someone is Ken or Akuma, just leave.

I was expecting a good game, can't get much of that nowadays i guess.

6.0 for effort.