Great game, however not as great when in comparison with Mortal Kombat, if that's what you are wondering.

User Rating: 8.9 | Street Fighter II SNES
Mortal Kombat vs. Street those days thats all we cared about, despite there were so many ther good games coming out like Eternal Champions or Fatal Fury II. This game may have been in top league, but that doesn't neccessarily mean that it's a 10 outta 10, and it CERTAINLY doesn't mean that people should give this game a 9 and summing like Eternal Champions a 4. What kind of sick minds do you have?

Anyway, to the game. The game is a nice, variably challnging game, which you can vary difficulty, making it not too hard and not too easy, which was awesome at those times, since Mortal Kombat was outstandingly difficult and needed a lot of skill to win. This game allows you to give you a sensational ability, no matter how rubbish you are.

The biggest were the special moves, no matter how cool they looked. One of the problems, for instance,were that you didn't have a combo/run gauge like Mortal Kombat did, or you don't have that special move sphere thiny that Eternal Champions had, so you could do special moves for almost every move. Also, the unlimited times you could do a move would have been good if it was a game that had a variety of moves, like Eternal Champions, but each character has around one or two moves, which makes you see Blanka's electric attack more than it should be.

Graphics are awesome, from the time you choose Sagat or whoever to the time where you kill M.Bison, you always get that feeling that your back is feeling prone to a Hado-Ken, so you might find yourself looking behind yourself unil yourself is reassured that yourself is alone and just by yourself!

There you have it. Great game, especially if you don't like the rip your guts out, suck their brains with a bendy straw thing, but, if you do like the bllod drowning stuff, I WOULD rather recommend you for Mortal Kombat.

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