Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting is my least favorite version of SFII but still a great game

User Rating: 8 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting is a port of the arcade version of the game on the Xbox Live Arcade. Hyper Fighting is the Street Fighter II we know and love with this version of the game playing much faster than the original Street Fighter II, and the game is also considerably more difficult. Hyper Fighting is a great game, but in my opinion it is one of the lesser versions of the Street Fighter II series. I prefer the standard Street Fighter II Champion Edition.

The arcade mode in this game could potentially take up to 2-3 hours to finish, due to the number of deaths you are sure to meet. Similar to most fighting games released for download this generation, this game is a direct port of the arcade version, which is designed to be a lot more difficult to play than home console versions. The AI essentially cheats in the game, and they can flawlessly move from one special move to the next without any recovery time. The player must also nail their moves and inputs with perfect timing due to the faster play style of the game. These two spikes of difficulty make this game as hard as it is. I was playing with an arcade stick and I still had a ton of trouble getting moves to hit. I did manage to beat the arcade mode with a few characters. With an arcade game like this you have to take the difficulty with a grain of salt, as we all know it was designed to be extremely difficult and to eat up quarters.

There are some differences in Hyper fighting as compared to other Street Fighter II games. Most of the characters in the game have been given an extra special move, such as Chun-Li and her fireball, and the character color attire have a different palette. The story and ending scenes of arcade mode are exactly the same as previous versions. At the end of each arcade mode, every character gets a quick static cut scene and that is it. There isn't much story told. One of the reasons though why I am so attracted to Street Fighter is because of the characters and their design.

For its place in time, the graphics and audio in Hyper Fighting are truly outstanding. The stage backgrounds are very well done, and the game has great animations and use of color. One stage background I really love is Dhalsim's, with the animated elephants. The music and sound effects in the game are also awesome, with this gaming having one of the best fighting game soundtracks, even up to today.

Overall Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting is just another, albeit more difficult, version of the same game we all pretty much own on every console. The game is still great, and fun to play, but like I said it isn't the best version of Street Fighter II.

4 stars (8.0)