Terrible online problems hurt what could have been XBL Arcade's crown jewel.

User Rating: 6 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
Most of us are familiar with Street Fighter II (or at least one of its various incarnations), so I'll skip over the backstory. Getting right into the pros and cons:

Good -
Quarter match mode is fantastic when it works. I do wish you could have more than 4 people in a room, but at least this way you get to play more often. Playing together with 4 friends in round-robin style matchups is a lot of fun.

No "New Challengers" to be found. This one is more a matter of opinion, but a lot of people feel the game lost some of its balance and appeal when Cammy, Dee Jay, T. Hawk, and Fei Long were introduced. I don't really disagree.

Difficulty. Again, this is a love it or hate it subject, but I like it. The SNES version was too easy, which is why a lot of people now are complaining the XBL Arcade version is too difficult. It's not too difficult, it's just a direct translation of the arcade version, which is meant to kick your butt so you have to put more coins in. Cranking it down to level 2 or 1 makes it easier for those who can't handle it.


360's controller. Personally I've gotten used to the d-pad, but I'm in the vast minority. The left thumbstick isn't bad, but for those of us hooked on using a Saturn-style d-pad for fighters, this doesn't come close.

Online. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Dropped connections left and right. Timeouts. Lag. I know the lag isn't always the fault of the game itself, but if the other two things were fixed it would make the lag a lot more tolerable. This game needs a patch in the worst way.

Not a bad purchase, but it would be a lot more palatable if MS charged $5 like the should have, instead of 10 bucks. For about $5 more you could pick up SF Anniversary Collection on XBox and get this game (with the New Challengers) AND Street Fighter 3 both with online play (and the ability to use a decent arcade stick - no, the DOA4 controller for 360 isn't "good").