Classic game=classic gameplay.

User Rating: 5 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
In the early 90's there was a craze for fighting games. Everywhere you turned there was a fighting game to play on either the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis™. There were good ones like Mortal Kombat and Streets of Rage and even Eternal Champions then there were horrible ones like the 2D Ninja Turtles fighting games or the overlooked Cyborg Justice. In the sea of "clones" there were few that stood out and one of them was Street Fighter 2. It was highly addictive and pretty much started the smack-talking trend we hear and see today over online multiplayer. Games like these were classics in their own ways and had been on everyones wishlist if they didn't already own the almost perfect arcade (whats an arcade?) port for the home consoles. After playing the 360 port of the arcade version in Hi-Def I relived those days and almost wished I didn't.
For starters, the game had some cheap A.I. and was almost impossible to beat unless you were cheap as well making the game virtually boring. There were no REAL combos to perform although, there were ones to pull off you just had to make your own up. The sound really hasn't changed all that much and still has that gritty map announcer guy telling where you were heading to next. The visuals, although in Hi-Definition, didn't blow my mind like I had hope it would. Online play was a joke mainly because of the lag issues and hardly anyone was playing it so you pretty much had to wait for a while till an opponent was available.
Aside from the flaws and downfalls of the game it was nice to play a game that I had enjoyed at an earlier age and remember what it was like to play a game for the Score. The only way to still play this title is with friends right there in your living room.
If you're looking to play a fighting game on Live Arcade and have never played this to really appreciate it then stay away. You'll only end up dissapointed.