Street Fighter EX3 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Medal Unlocks

    Once you gain all 10 medals of a particular type in Original Mode, a new option
    will be unlocked

    Bronze: Sakura becomes the narrator - Press SELECT on Sakura to activate
    Silver: Unlock Vega II - Press SELECT on Vega to choose
    Gold: Unlock Evil Ryu - Press SELECT on Ryu to choose
    Platinum: VS True Vega added to Arena Mode

    Contributed by: CJayC 

  2. Alternate Medal Unlocks

    If the normal methods of unlocking the medal options is too hard for you, you can always do it an alternate way. These methods do not gain you the medals, but instead merely unlock the bonuses gained by them.

    Bronze: Complete Original Mode with Sakura 8 times
    Silver: Complete Original Mode with Vega 8 times
    Gold: Complete Original Mode with Ryu 8 times
    Platinum: ''vs. Vega II'': Win 4 battles, ''vs. True Vega'': Win 4 battles

    Contributed by: CJayC 

  3. Hidden Battles

    There are three extra battles available to you in Original Mode, depending on the character you select. Finish every stage with either a Meteo Combo, Meteo Tag Combo, or Character Parade to unlock the respective hidden battle:

    vs. Kairi: Hokuto or Nanase
    vs. Shadow Geist: Skullomania or Sharon
    vs. Evil Ryu: Sagat, Ken, Sakura, and Vega (or Vega II)

    Contributed by: CJayC 

  4. Fight Vega II

    To fight Vega II in the final battle of Original Mode, you must meet the following conditions:

    For Normal Difficulty:
    - Finish each stage with either a Meteo Combo, Meteo Tag Combo, or Character Parade
    - Score more than 500,000 points
    - No continues allowed
    For Hard Difficulty:
    - No continues allowed

    Contributed by: CJayC 

  5. Alternate New Skullo Dream

    Play as Skullo. When you have enough energy to do a super combo. press light punch, light punch, back (instead of forward), low kick, high punch. this will go through a different sequence of scenes for the new Skullo Dream.

    Contributed by: Derk 

  6. To unlock Additional Characters

    These are the additional characters you can unlock:

    to unlock them, you need to beat the Ko count record at the end credits(first minium is 40) to unlock.

    to beat the ko count record there is two ways you can use:
    1. Use Meteor Move
    2. Use a Special or Super Combo that delivers many hits

    Contributed by: powerps2gamer 

  7. Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the Original Mode game seven times without continues Area
    Beat the Original Mode game eight times without continues Darun
    Beat the Original Mode game three times without continues Garuda
    Beat the Original Mode game five times without continues Kairi
    Beat the Original Mode game six times without continues Pullum
    Beat the Original Mode game once without continues Sagat
    Beat the Original Mode game four times without continues Shadow Geist
    Beat the Original Mode game twice without continues Vega
    Beat the Original Mode game nine times without continues Vulcano

    Contributed by: CJayC 

  8. Evil Ryu & M.Bison 2

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Use Ryu or M. Bison to beat the game in original mode 8 times without continues. Then at the character select screen highlight Ryu or M. Bison, hold Select and press Square, X, or Circle Evil Ryu &M.Bison 2

    Contributed by: DaRkTaZ 

  9. Play as Dark Kairi (JP Version)

    Effect Effect
    Dark Kairi When the cursor is on Zangief, move diagonal down-left

    Contributed by: CJayC 

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