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User Rating: 10 | Street Fighter Anniversary Collection PS2
I wasn't too exicited about this game. I would've liked to play Street Fighter 3, but i wasn't into the old Street Fighter 2 games.

Then, i saw a sentence of text on the capcom which quickly changed my mind about what i thought about the game. It said that Street Fighter 2: the Animated Movie will be included in the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection video game.

If it was not for that movie i would not have gotten it. I have be longing to watch that movie as much as i wanted to get the PS2 version of Marvel vs CAPCOM 2 SO BADLY.

This game made me a huge fan of the series once again. Both the games were great and the movie was a million times better than the Live Action version of the Street Fighter movie. So what if it's not the uncut version of Street Fighter 2: the Animated Movie, i enjoyed every minute of it.

I don't just love this game because of the movie, i did want to play Street Fighter 3 and i did for the very first time Plus, i can get in touch with the old Street Fighter games which made it what it is today.

If you love Street Fighter, then get this game now and check out Street Fighter Alpha Anthology coming soon on PlayStation 2 in 2006.