Street fighter alplha 3 max for PSP review.

User Rating: 9 | Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX PSP
This game is a game that is more than just a 2d fighting game and there is so much to do in this game. Capcom did a great job making this game or should i say remaking it from the dreamcast classic. There is more characters then ever and if you are skilled or new to this game than this game have allot to offer. I went crazy after buying this game. after so much playing i relised that fighting is my favorite genre. Street fighter alpha 3 max is worth more than your money you are about to pay. If you are tired playing games on the psp and don´t have this game. You haven´t played this game. It should keep you busy for a long time. Just as i sayd about Darkstalkers. This game has really good package. I´t is portable and remaked that will keep you stuck in to your hands for a long time.