A Great Port of a Classic.

User Rating: 9 | Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX PSP
Street Fighter Alpha 3 is one of the best fighting games on the PSP.This title is a must own for fans of fighting games.This game bulids upon on the Arcade,PS1 and Dreamcast classic.By adding so much content and so many things to do it's awesome.Street Fighter Alpha 3 has alot to offer and it will defenitly keep you busy for months to come.Now this game has so much to offer.You can play the Arcade Mode,Free Battles,VS 100,Dramactic Battles and even fight the final boss in just a quick select.Their also alot of character's to choose from with familar faces like Ryu,Ken,Chun-Li,M.Bision,Zangeif,Akuma,Sakura,Sagat,Cody,Dee Jay,Cammy,T.Hawk,Rolento,E.Honda,Balrog and much more familar faces from both the orginal series and Alpha games.The Roster has been updated alot with 4 extras characters being added to the PSP version like Maki from Final Fight 2,Eagle from Street Fighter 1,Ingird from Capcom Fighting Evolution/Fighting Jam and Yun from Street Fighter III.The fighting is awesome since you can choose from 3 styles like the X-Ism which plays like Super Street Fighter II,V-ism which is like The Alpha Series and A-Ism which plays like 3rd Strike.The graphics are also very good for PSP standards as all the characters are detailed well and the backgrounds as well fighting areas look nice.The Fighting is very fun since each character feels diffrent and the controlls feel tight.The Special Moves are also very simple to pull off and it's great to see what the characters pull off.Their is also a World Tour mode but in my opinion it feels a bit tact on and I just stick to the regular fighting.Also game is a bit laggy but the minor slowdown dosen't kill the game.Overall Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a great game for any PSP owner right now.While the Framerate is a bit questionable and World Tour feels tacked on this is a great fighting game for anybody with a PSP.