Street Fighter Alpha 3 Is Prime; The GBA Version Retains Much Of The Luster

User Rating: 8.5 | Street Fighter Alpha 3 GBA
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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Is Prime; The GBA Version Retains Much Of The Luster

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Although a Tekken-head, Street Fighter has always been one of my favorite, if not my favorite, fighting franchises. It is just pure fun -- easy to get into -- and you're always learning to get stronger. It is also a great 2 player game if you get the chance.

My only complaint is that I adore the PS 1 version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and it was sad to see the things they took out: much of the story-line dialog and scenes; the music is not as good.

However, it is amazing what is here. It almost feels like you are picking up the same awesome game.

The controls are a bit hard to get used to -- I find that I have to press the D-Pad hard to get Ryu's fireball to work. The speed of the game doesn't seem quite right -- I find that Turbo2 speed works well to make the gameplay smoother. It's a bit choppy otherwise.

But once you get over a few downgrades from the original, it's a powerful and captivating fighting game.

>Graphics 8/10
It's really too bad the frames are a little choppy except in Turbo2+. Otherwise, the spires are masterfully created and are colorful and beautiful.

>Sound 3/10
What happened to the awesome music Street Fighter fans are spoiled with?

>Gameplay 8/10
When you get used to dealing with it on the Gameboy's buttons, it is a truly responsive and gripping experience taking the helm of a Street Fighter.

If you're a fighting game and/or Street Fighter fan looking for a fix on the road, this game is worth playing.