Been having this game for awhile now, and I must say its 1 of the best game to take with you on the go.

User Rating: 9 | Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX PSP
Street fighter had always been a street fighter on its own account. But now, you have the chance to take it with you anywhere in the streets!

Being on the PSP system, this is yet the best graphics 2D graphics I've seen so far on any game. The luscious color of the backgrounds and the flashes on your supermoves and attacks all looks awesome when viewed on your PSP screen. Some characters even had better animation from the previous PSone version.

As for the sounds, all the characters level music are there and fits naturally with their characters personality/background. They are all mostly upbeat, which is really good to get the adrenaline pumping when it comes to beat 'em ups like this. Hadouken! They also have crisp sounds when your punches and kick lands, and when you hit a counter.

They had redone the world tour mode, and made it more simple and easier to get into. Better to customize your characters and play them as how you would like them to.
You shouldn't have any problem performing the moves cause there's also an option to use the anolog stick, which makes those uber moves a breeze to pull off. With dozens of characters in this game ranging way back from Super SFII, Rival Schools and SFIII, this make the game a must get for all Street Fighter fans. Overall this game Rocks!!... Now that its on the PSP, I can take it anywhere with me. Go for broke!