A nicely cataloged collection of the greatest fighting series in gaming!

User Rating: 8 | Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection PS4

This 9 game collection of Street Fighter finally allows us Westerners a chance to play some never before released content of Street Fighter. There is the first SF, many variations of the massively popular SF II, Street Fighter Alpha, SF Alpha II, SF III, SF III-Giants, & SF III- Third Strike. While all are enjoyable and cool to play, they don't necessarily bring much that is new.

However, that doesn't mean that it isn't worth the price of purchase. All the editions are cool to play and the online functionality of the few that feature it are mostly functional, with quick loading times and server accessibility. It is always nice to be able to play games that have been in Japan for years, especially new bits of Street Fighter lore and history. Almost all the games besides SF III (in my opinion) have a huge difficulty curve. Arcade mode is brutal, and with no way to turn down the difficulty, most people will more than likely become too frustrated to be able to see the ending for their characters of choice. The games are still in their 2d or anime styled presentations, as they were during their original releases years ago. The best new content in this package is the versions of SF III, as these allow us players to fight with some new characters.

Also, one of the single BEST feature in this montage is the Museum Mode, which documents and allows access to the complete history of SF down to the vast cast of fighters, the music, and also character and game artwork and sketches, as well as fan art. This is a joy to educate yourself on, as it goes into descriptive detail about each character and their ultimate agendas and traits. The artwork is beautiful and vast, and it is very interesting to learn new facts I never knew about the designs, development, and details of each character and game. You can tell Capcom put a lot of effort and time into making this a game collection fit for a hardcore Street Fighter fan. But you certainly don't have to be to warrant a purchase. This is also good for newbies or casual fans who just want a good brawler. This isn't quite on par with Street Fighter V at this day and time, but its still a worthy and interesting look at the games that paved the way to where Street Fighter is today and how it got to be where SFV is today. A great game collection even if it doesn't add much new to 10+ year old games.