One of my life's biggest accomplishments, beating street fighter 2010.

User Rating: 9.5 | 2010: Street Fighter NES
This is one of my absolute favourite games. This is a game that is so good that it broke my NES. However, this is entirely my fault. Since there is no save feature I had to leave the system on until i beat it. The game took me around two weeks to finish but I didn't play it every day. Now on to the topic of the actual game. Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight is the hardest game I have ever finished if not the hardest game I have played. Each stage pits you against a series of enemies and then the boss of the stage. Some stages are just a boss as well. When you beat the boss a teleporter appears in the level and you have to find it. If you don't find it in time you die. Each stage also has its own innovative stage hazards. There is the stage where you climb up waterfalls of dirt, the piles of mucus that you use as steps, and many more different stages. The final boss is a spectacle of its own and I won't give it away but it includes having to beat five bosses all in one life and one timer. As far as gameplay goes, after you finish the game you will be bald or buying a wig because you will have pulled out all your hair. It is one of the most infuriating, relentless, and addictive games on this planet. It is the kind of difficulty that makes you want to keep playing no matter how long it takes. I was happy to replace the a/c adapter for my NES because mine melted. Once you have finished the game you will feel like even if you died right then you would have lived a fulfilled life. I say if you want to brag to your friends and gain an amazing accomplishment in your life then this game is an essential buy. Just don't expect to beat it very quickly. You should have a whole day set aside to beat this game, that is unless you want to be replacing your a/c adapter or your NES.