A solid game that passed many by.

User Rating: 8.2 | 2010: Street Fighter NES
This game isn't too long which is one reason why I have beaten it many a time. the title Street Fighter 2010 has no relationship to the extremely popular fighting series known as Street Fighter. I even think the main character's name is Ken if I remember right, lol, but once again, no relation.

It looks like Mega Man in a purple suit, but you don't control the speed of the level, the computer does. It is a side-scroller and a shooter and it doesn't move at a terrifying speed like many NES and SNES shooters such as Gradius and R-type. It has bosses that are all fairly easy, the main and hardest thing is to keep from falling to your demise. The music is ok, but the graphics really are ahead of its time. the level design reminds me of a few games and it makes for an overall unexpectedly really good experience.