Its not a "game", its a way of life.

User Rating: 10 | Street Cleaning Simulator PC
The most impressive game ive ever owned. It stands above any game ive ever played in terms of longevity and substance.
The challenge is just right and the rewards are endless, even more so on a spiritual level.

The only thing better than this game is....


Graphics: 10/10 Frostbite 2 who?

Game-play: 10/10
Buy it and you'll find out why. Way better than the stellar farming simulator.

Spiritual and metaphysical imagery: 10/10
No other game has brought such an esoteric view into the plight of the every man.
This game is your church and your gospel. Go forth and spread the word of game genius.

All in all this is a stocking filler, a birthday present and all the other type's of presents rolled into one neat "Round reflective disc that holds the games", as they are more precisely known as.
Duke Nukem forever could've been saved a horrible death if the driving sections were in one of the street cleaning beasts displayed in this masterpiece.
Infact every game on the market needs to take a leaf out of SCS's book.

One word: Wow.