The first modern blockbuster game -- Excalibur Publishing has done it again!

User Rating: 10 | Street Cleaning Simulator PC
The Apex of Gaming; The Magnum Opus of Simulators; A Technological Revolution.

Street Cleaning Simulator successfully claims all of these titles. From the makers of Farming Simulator and Utility Vehicle Simulator comes what could be the greatest video game of all time. This Blockbuster video game features a narrative on par with The Illiad by Homer, or A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, as well as Michael Bay-Quality Effects, and the Best Voice Actors in the Business.

It may seem bland, or boring at first, seeing the prospect of playing as a City Sweeper driver. However, quickly into the story you learn that the game is not what it looks like. You are immersed into a masterfully crafted environment, with lush Greenery, brilliant colors, and beautiful textures. The city is filled with NPCs, all different, and unique in their own sense. Each NPC is actually so unique, that you never see the same model twice. The Infrastructure and Buildings offer a realistic representation of any real-life metropolis, such as London, New York, or Tokyo. From cutscenes to random dialogue on the street, you will be indulged in some of the best voice acting in the business, featuring master voice actors such as Mark Hamill and Nolan North. The story is no different from the rest of the game; In fact, it stands out as the best part of the whole masterpiece. Every assignment; every street you have to sweep will have a tear-jerking or heartwarming moment. The gameplay is simple, yet innovative in its own right. Street Cleaning Simulator features four difficulty levels - Easy, Normal, Hard, and Intense. Each level of difficulty caters to a certain branch of gamers. Easy for the Beginners, Normal for Casual Gamers, Hard for gamers looking for a challenge, and Intense only for the best of gamers. The controls are simple as well, and easy to learn. After the first few minutes of playing, I can assure you that you will already feel as if you have been playing the game for years. The game features a special Morality system, as well as Immersive, Choice-Driven Cutscenes and several Romance options. Every cutscene, you will be given the choice to make a Paragon, Neutral, or Renegade comment or response. Paragon and Renegade cutscene interrupts are also incorporated. This system is much like that of the Mass Effect series. The interrupts allow you to perform bold, and often entertaining moves, such as moving from one lane to another, or using large, flat bristles instead of thin, round bristles for cleaning. Your romance options include Zidanya - the Islamic Working Girl, Brittney - the sorority girl, Jemma - the married soccer mom, Butch - the Bear, Chuck-E-Cheese - The Company Mascot, Ella - the 12 year old girl, Fenton - The Dog, and Your very own truck. Yes, you can procreate with your two-ton vehicle.

Overall, this game is a revolution in the industry, and should inspire many more games to come.

Thank you, Excalibur Publishing, for the biggest load of horse manure I have ever played.