Best game ever.

User Rating: 10 | Street Cleaning Simulator PC
I dont think anything needs to be said about this. A grade graphics, awesome music from the likes of bins and sewers. The most immersive game of your lifetime!

I highly rate its quality, lifespan and use of ragdoll physics to show the trash entering vehicles.

Also high grade for its use of realism. Its so realistic that it even has all your co-workers speaking in that foreign language that street cleaners talk (i think its european or something).

This game is also soo difficult, it took me over 100 hours just to figure out how to turn on the vehicle (you press enter) and that itself is intense. It was so intense to clean up the trash that I literally had to clear my shorts 3 times because I kept cumming so much.

and this review needs to be a minimum of 100 words so blah blah blah and finally blah. done.