This game makes me want to become a cleaner and sweep roads

User Rating: 10 | Kehrmaschinen-Simulator 2011 (German) PC

Words cannot describe how excited I was when I heard this game was being released for the PC. I queued up outside Game in the pouring rain during the early hours of the morning of release, slightly annoyed that hundreds were already there waiting in anticipation. The mad rush that ensued when Game opened their doors at 8am can only be described as carnage. Grown men were violently trampling over women and children in order to be the first to get their hands on this landmark release. I am not ashamed to say that I was among those individuals. Nothing was going to stop me after weeks of waiting.

Anyway onto the game itself. If you are new to Street Cleaning Simulator (SCS) you literally haven't lived! The premise of the game is you work your way up from apprentice cleaner, and through hard work and determination become the most respected of sanitary operators in the city. Along the way you face challenges, moral dilemmas and situations which will make even the most hardened individual weep. I won't spoil the plot for you too much but let's just say there are plenty of surprises awaiting for you on your journey. I am almost envious of those people who haven't played it as I want to relive the experience over and over again.

To people reading this review, I know what you're thinking. What makes SCS stand out compared to the numerous other cleaning simulators available? Well my friends, allow me to explain as I have played them all. No other game can recreate that magical moment when you first use the street sweeper to eliminate the concoction of human vomit and (presumably) dog excrement from the pavement. No other game allows you to pimp your sweeper to any design you wish. I won't give too much away but when you unlock the turbo attachment you will be pleasantly surprised ;) The biggest selling point for me though is the online mode enabling you to challenge or team up with like minded individuals around the world. I have met many new friends playing this game. Toby and Cecil, if you're reading this, yes it's me garbage_nator61 :)

Performance wise SCS runs smoothly utilising the full capacity of my 2 x Nvidia GTX 980 graphics cards along with the dual intel i7 5960X 3.0Ghz 8 Core 16 Thread processors. Also be aware that 64GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666MHz RAM is highly recommended. I will warn you now, if you have anything less than this in your machine then the performance WILL struggle and you won't fully appreciate the high attention to detail demonstrated by the makers of this masterpiece.

In conclusion if you enjoy RPG/Action gaming - Call of Duty, GTA, Fallout etc you won't be disappointed. Do yourself a favour and buy this game. It will be the best £6 you have ever spent.

Happy sweeping fellow cleaners!