User Rating: 10 | Kehrmaschinen-Simulator 2011 (German) PC

like all of you who had the honor and privilege to play this technical marvel i was skeptical at first. it only takes a few seconds to realize that this is more than a game. this wonderful bundle of software changed my life forever. i started to cry after a few minutes because i am happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I am able to play it and sad that there is not enough time in my life left to fully enjoy it so i had to make some changes. i divorced my wife, ended all my friendships and quit my job. i now had time to enjoy this. i started to cry again because i know there is some people that will not be able to experience this. i started to smuggle some diamonds and got allot of money. i bought 100 000 copies and gave it to everyone i saw. i even bought some people computers. after smuggling diamonds i tried to smuggle drugs and cars and under age children to sweat shops and hookers. i became the most well known pimp/dealer/mafia boss in South Africa and was well on my way to rule the world. I conquered each continent one by one until i was ruler of the world. i made it my personal mission to make this game (forgive me for saying game because it is more than that) more popular than basic sanitation needs, food and water. i have since retired from my thug life to continue playing this game. i would like to apology for all the people and animals i hurt during my life story. i was for a wonderful cause and i am sure they will understand.