My view on life changed after playing this masterpiece

User Rating: 10 | Street Cleaning Simulator PC
First of all there aren't enough words to describe this masterpiece. You can't even describe this masterpiece with words, you need something else to describe this, but we, humans don't know what to use to describe this.

I'm gonna talk about only the good things this game has because it doesn't have any bad things.

The Graphics: absolutely FANTASTIC. I need to say that i played this one on lowest settings possible because my rig can't handle the graphics this masterpiece has and i need to add that i can run games like: Crysis/Crysis 2, Witcher 2, Far Cry 3, Battlefield 3 on max graphics with 40+ fps but i can run this one only on the lowest settings with only 5 fps. We will need to wait another 10 years for the right technology to run this beauty on max.

The Gameplay: Forget about all the rpgs that you played. Forget about WOW, GW2, Witcher 2, Dragon Age 1,2, Swtor. Forget all about them because when you will play this masterpiece you will realize how crappy those games are, and you will realize how much effort, money and talent this game company put into this game. First you start in your company yard, then you go into your office, read an email and then you get into your truck learning the basics. I know I know, this is only the beginning, you don't know what adventures awaits you after you learn how to control your truck (btw, this masterpiece has so many controls and options, and the truck is so detailed that you will NEVER EVER master it). Don't be fooled by the option i've chosen. I played this for over 10.000 hours but Gamespot doesn't know how it is to play an Addictive, Instant Classic, Legendary game like this one.

The Story: Ahhh! the story. It's simply the best story told to mankind, EVER!. It has everything: an interesting and engaging plot, lots of interesting and memorable characters and lots of twist and you will never expect them. It's one of those stories that will live forever. After you play this game you will tell this' game story to your children and they will tell it to their children and so on.

Like i said in my review title, this game has changed my life. Ever since i started playing this one i find myself obsessed with sweepers and definitely i will start a career in street cleaning sooner or later, i also heard that you need a degree in that and the college is very hard, but NOTHING, and I say NOTHING will ever stop me to achieve my dream.

Sorry for not giving you more details about this masterpiece, I must go play some more, I can't resist, I didn't went out of my house ever since I put my hand on this, so if you don't own this masterpiece go buy it, trust me, it worth over 9000 billion $!!!