A little bare but a lot of fun

User Rating: 6 | Strange Brigade XONE

I am gonna start this review by saying first and foremost that it's the presentation behind the game that really makes it so enjoyable. The Narrator and the way that they tell their kind of over the top story really makes the game worth checking out. I consider it the real highlight of this game and it's this strong narration that helps elevate it more than what a typical shooter kind of goes for.

Now as far as shooters go, Strange Brigade doesn't break the norm but that doesn't stop the game from being satisfying to play. Although it is a little repetitive at times, The game progressively gets harder and harder as levels go on and it's that continued challenge that keeps the game fresh. And I'll be honest, It's satisfying as heck to melee someone and stomp them to death on the ground. Same goes for throwing explosives into a large group of enemies. It's fun in its simplicity and you can't ask for anything more.

Now getting into the campaign, There are 10 missions that will take you about an hour or more to complete. Each mission is filled with collectables, puzzles and hidden pathways so exploring each level pays off big time. Now before the start of each mission, You can change into one of four characters. Each character has their own melee attack and special abilities but they all virtually play the same. You can also use the gold earned during the campaign to buy additional weapons in the lobby. The only disappointing thing about that is that there isn't a lot of options so you will end up with a lot of excess gold by the end of it all. And another thing that frustrates me is that the collectables don't appear as they should in the game, Sometimes requiring you to restart a checkpoint a few times to finally get it to show up. It creates a lot of needless backtracking and can be pretty annoying to deal with.

Another thing that disappoints me is the lack of customization options for your characters. It would have been cool to buy different outfits with coins or each different outfits for beating the game. Same does with the number of weapons available too. Each weapon has their own rate of fire, damage and accuracy stat. Meaning, like I am sure you guessed, that most weapons aren't even worth buying so you're better off saving up for the better weapons in the game to avoid the hassle. And then just use the remainder to buy up the remaining, weaker weapons.

Now, The game does feature a multiplayer mode but it's just your basic multiplayer. It definitely makes some missions easier so if you can play with a friend, I'd recommend doing so. The horde mode was a nice addition to the game as well. You start off in a limited area which you can unlock more of buy either buying doors or beating waves and, much like in the campaign, it's well worth exploring. And I really like how there is such a wide variety of enemies in this game, I mean really above the norm IMO. I like that because it keeps the game challenging and fresh as you progress through it.

Overall: 6/10
Minor bug issues, Collectables not spawning and the kind of bare game modes definitely knock a few points off for me. However, That doesn't stop this game from being fun and I'd definitely recommend trying it out.