its a good strategy for the first timers

User Rating: 6.5 | Stormrise PS3
i like this game i think its ok it has very little base management you can get a battle started within the first five minutes of the game the maps are based in city's were you have good places for ambushes you can get your men on buildings for sniping the units are devastating the graphics could be improved a little because when i have my acu attack a enemy sometimes they start to die when hes not even shooting at them the the selection of different units is really as their is a whip select system that allows you to quickly switch between different units the units on both sides are balanced for example the sai have a massive spider were the echelon have a massive walking unit the scout units of the game are very good as they can climb objects such as containers the management of the different sized units are really good because were some infantry can walk under a walkway your acu cannot plus another good thing is when you move through the levels and complete them you unlock equipment that you can add to your commanders for playing online and in skirmishes.