This games Horrible.

User Rating: 2 | Stormrise X360
Never ever play this game EVER! The controls are terrible the game play is terrible really i dont think theres anything good about this game. Only thing i like is like editing your guy but thats not enough to make you ever wanna play this game.
I cant even think of 100 words to tell about this game idk how many ways i can say that this game is never worth playing it may not be the owrse game ever made up its up there with the top ten games to never touch. Hopefully if they ever think of making a 2nd one of this game they better start from scrach the themes cool but whole new control and gameplay like
i Hate this game.
I dont see how this company could have made so many good games then make this they must have not been trying to hard because ive played other games they made and iver enjoyed my self for hours on them this i thought maybe i just had to get use to it to make it fun, but i was wrong it was just terrible to begin with im glad i only rented it, but i hope no one else will have to waste there time with this game and suffer through the boringness this game brings.