Hard to believe this game was made by the creators of the Total War series.

User Rating: 1 | Stormrise X360
This review will be shorter than usual, simply because i could not bring myself to play this game to completion. There is absolutely nothing i can say to recommend this game. If Gamespot allowed for review scores less than 1, this game would receive it. Stormrise is like a checklist for what makes a poor RTS and a poor game.

Bad graphics? check
Lousy sound? check
Dull Storyline? check
Virtually no unit choice? check
Controls mechanic that just doesnt work? check.

The Whip unit selection tool simply does not work. Getting your units to actually do what you want is a nightmare. It feels like the game does not want you to play it. A bit of challenge in an RTS is something i appreciate, but only when said challenge is coming from my opponent, not from just trying to give my units orders.

Stormrise showed a lot of promise in development, and was a game i was quite looking forward to. Unfortunately it disappoints on all levels and is actually the first 360 game i have ever asked for refund on. Avoid at all costs, there are simply far better games available that cost far less.