Gamespot? Really?

User Rating: 8.5 | Stormrise X360
Another low score without warrant. Some of the issues people are having with this game, are because they think they can play it like other RTS games.. including End War. And you can't. Your infantry don't have super vision to see people around corners. The vehicles don't have boosters to make them jump over things that are in their way. Pathfinding is not an issue, you playing the game is the issue. Quit clumping your units up, and quit telling them to blindly goto a point 20 miles across the map. The units follow YOUR orders, not their own.

For instance, I have noticed people using the Move To command, which is what they teach in the first minute of the game, as the attack command, and then they wonder why their units are just running to the spot. Geez.. I wonder? Did you really NOT pay attention to the tutorial? Open the instruction manual at all to see WHY you are having an issue?

The game was meant to be played with real tactics. What your units see, or can be verified to them from other units, is ALL they can see or shoot at. They don't know magical paths because they are programmed and should "know the map".. thats just stupid. In a game where positions and the path you take means all the difference, why should the units be programmed to follow a perfect path automatically without someone showing them or telling them the correct way? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a true 3d RTS experience? Otherwise, it would be just like playing any other RTS. No thanks.

The people complaining about artillery and being able to siege, also are playing the game wrong. The mechanics of the game don't allow an artillery piece to magically see things like you would in any other RTS that gives you "god view". You should be targeting with aircraft and the cheap $100 unit that actually adds a type of target designator for other units. If the artillery could do that, then what would stop anyone from just building art. at startup and just bombing away? Nothing.

No offense to anyone, but the people who just don't "get this game" in what it is and is trying to do. Don't even deserve to have a game like this. Let alone, have a game like this being supported the way it is over at ...

The only "bug" I have found, are the animation issues. And honestly, they aren't game breaking in the least bit. CA is almost finished with a patch to fix practically every single issue people have been claiming, even ones that are inherent in the mechanics, just for the simpletons who can't think about more than one unit at a time.

This game gets a solid 8.5 , would be an easy 9 or 9.5 without the animation issues. And im sure when the patch comes out my score will immediately STORMRISE! :p