Great Idea, Badly Done

User Rating: 6 | Stormrise X360
The whip selection COULD work if you could group your men into bigger groups. being able to put them into groups of 3, while managable isn't exactly the greatest thing for moving large amounts of men around the battlefield. Then again even with that, the control nodes that you have to capture should not be selectable when they're at the back of the map MILES away from the battle and anything remotely useful in an attack... ive spent too long flicking about the map just because i turned the camera and now its like a different place. leading to at least 30 seconds until i've figured out what direction the enemy are in.
On a good note, The story line is manageable... that being said CAN NOBODY THINK OF AN ORIGINAL STORY ANYMORE!!!!!!
why oh why, for the love of budda (who seems to neglect game designers) does every single game be about... good guy, turns against his friends due to the government (or other organisation) having an evil agenda and planning to wipe out everything, once the now good guys (who are technologically inferior, wow what a shock) turn against him with them turning out to be the bad guys and were using the good guy... COME ON!!!! WTF.
in short the guys who designed the units, WELL DONE =) seriously the units are really quite cool.
the guys who designed the game play, well... i hope you all burn for turning a potential good game into a massacre of the RTS genre