Frustration in a box

User Rating: 3 | Stormrise PC
After the atrocious Empire total war fiasco, I should have known better.

The game itself could be good however it's totally let down by the inane and rather insane camera views and the appauling Control System.

The user interface is a complete and disaterous failure, camera views that leave you unable to see where the heck your going or to get onto highground or use it effectively.

It's so bad that by the time you actually manage to select anything your dead trying, even on a console this system would be insane especially when you couple it with the awful camera view, which makes playing the game like getting a pair of pliers and trying to pull your teeth out.

Which is a shame because the premise of the game itself is good, although the graphics etc are suprising mediocre considering it's a DX10 game.

Units simply refuse to do what they are told promptly or even at all especially when using the radial dial, for instance getting sentinals to deploy their heavy machine guns is pot luck, units gets stuck on the terrain along with the camera so you can't see what the hell is going on.

The whip elect system I think was named because anyone using it will want to select a whip tehn go use it on the plonker that came up with it, with a game like this quick easy control is Vital along with being able to move the camera around to see where your going especially when there's so many high up places.

Stormrise fails completly and utterly in this, the control system is anything but slick and functional and totally destroys the play experience like no other game I've ever played in 30 years.

With the release of Empire total war and now this offering it's clear there's a clear lack of good design and common sence in CA at the moment, and it's pretty clear some faces need to change over there and be held to account.