I wanted to like this game...

User Rating: 5 | Stormrise X360
Traded this game in after a month of not playing it. Originally I really wanted to like this game, it seemed innovative at first and you can control a flying dragon. About three missions in as my team is getting absolutely slaughtered, I realized this game isn't all it wanted to be.

The whip select system, while innovative, is infinitely imprecise in a game where it seems your armies have the thought process of a retarded squirrel. Go get the nut! NO not that nut, the other one....NO don't cross the street!
#$%^! retarded squirrels.

Now if they were flying retarded squirrels that would've been a game. Unfortunately they give you a flying dragon, which was cool for the first day...then I realized I wasted 60$. I tried liking this game enough to keep it longer than a month but ultimately I'm not that nuts.